Hortus Americanus: the second event

Mexican composer Jose Elguezabal supports the second conversation in our series of talks. In the “Sunshine Talk” he will share his thoughts on the perception of German composer Richard Wagner in Latin America. Furthermore, you’ll have a chance to see his performance live.

Join us for the second conversation about Latinamerican Art in Germany today 19.05.2022 at 7:30 pm

Gerresheimer Str. 33, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

wildpalms invites to Hortus Americanus

A new generation of Latinamerican & Caribbean artists are working, creating and thinking from the heart of Europe. They become the voice for many others. Indigenous communities, preservationists, local communities who are facing the climate change and the shifting of the new geopolitics.

Join us for the conversations about Latinamerican Art in Germany. The series of talks start this Friday 06.05.2022 at 7 pm with Mario Asef & Claudia Zea-Schmidt.

Gerresheimer Str. 33, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

NEW: Special Edition with Karen P. Biswell

wildpalms and Karen Paulina Biswell present an exclusive edition of two hand printed works developed by Karen herself in Paris. Each motive is the size of 30 x 40 cm, with just 25 copies.

“One around the other”, 2019 and “Altar”, 2019 are beautiful photographs taken in French Guyana.

To find out more and purchase the artworks, click the following links:

for EU or the USA & rest of the world

Mario Asef: Crossfades

Mario Asef’s seminal work „Crossfades“ will specially screened by the Iberoamerikanische Institutes Berlin March 31th. 6 pm Berlin Time.

Mario Asef’s projects address both ecological and socio-political issues and confront questions related to their spatial and linguistic representability. In exchange with Prof. Dr. Sven Spieker (University of California, Santa Barbara), he will delve deeper into his work.

Registration: https://iai-virtuell.einladbar.de/en