Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas

Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas.

Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas will be presented in Paris at the space Intervale. Opening March 8th. The show will exhibit the awarded works at “Strike a Pose” 2022, curated by Jorge Sanguino and Alexandra Meffert.

Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas Aurora Flowers

ELLAS is a research about the subject of femininity, looking into different aspects as desire, forbidden, nature and female sexuality.

“I am attracted to the willingness expressed by certain women in regards to their own bodies and their varied and complex natures. This mysteriousness is what I am interested in, their power and its manifestation.

Ellas sera présentée à Paris à l’espace Intervale. Ouverture le 8 mars. L’exposition présentera les œuvres primées lors de l’exposition “Strike a Pose” 2022, organisée par Jorge Sanguino et Alexandra Meffert.

ELLAS est une recherche sur le thème de la féminité, abordant différents aspects comme le désir, l’interdit, la nature et la sexualité féminine.

“Je suis attirée par la volonté exprimée par certaines femmes à l’égard de leur propre corps et de leurs natures variées et complexes. Ce mystère est ce qui m’intéresse, leur pouvoir et sa manifestation.

Karen Paulina Biswell “kima” in British Journal for Photographie

The last issue of British Journal of Photography, Time & Community features a special section on Latin American photographers: very the happy and proud, that “KIMA” by Karen Paulina Biswell, an exhibition produced for the biennial of photography in Düsseldorf this year is in this issue!!!

if you want to see Karen Paulina Biswell ‘s works, come over to our gallery or check at our online store wildpalms americana

Rachel Libeskind Review at Musée

“Libeskind is able to use the contrast and unpredictability that her artwork brings to create this exhibition. Her collection of work fits together beautifully and brings forth a sense of darkness in these seemingly regular aspects of daily life. Rachel Libeskind’s collection Windows highlights a polarity in the emptiness white spaces in these images create.” #kudos once more for Rachel Libeskind & Sign and Symbols a new review in MUSEE.
Rachel’s new body of works can be seen at our show STRIKE ! join us!! Alexandra Meffert

Paul Hance: glass art work for Château Royal in Berlin

Paul Hance and Studio Irina Kromayer created together an astonishing glass sculpture for the street lamps at the trendiest & newest Hotel in Berlin, Château Royal. Another step in the successful & long collaboration with the hoteliers and gastronomes. Paul Hance’s elegant and full expressive glass works are made in Lambertz, a mastery glass factory in Germany.

Paul Hance glass work at Chateau Royal
Taken from the IG Account Château Royal. All rights reserved the artist and Hotel

Hortus Americanus new session with Roberto Uribe.

Join us this Friday 16th at 7:30 pm in wildpalms for a new session of Hortus Americanus. A series of talks around Latin American Art in Germany. With Roberto we will discuss about architecture, colonialism, monuments and to Latin American Artist in Germany.

Hortus Americanus created by Jorge sanguino and Alexandra Meffert. Supported by NRW Kultur Sekretariat and Eikon international magazin for photography and new media

Jorge Sanguino’s on his curatorial work with Karen P Biswell @artishock revista de arte Contemporaneo

El arte latinoamericano contemporáneo tiene dos grandes retos que afrontar. El primero es evitar que prácticas artísticas que implican una negociación con la alteridad sean atrapadas por la retórica de inclusión y diversidad liberal propias de los discursos de globalización postmodernos. Existe el riesgo de que el trabajo artístico con comunidades indígenas, afro, o minoritarias se transforme en otra estrategia de marketing según la lógica neoliberal, utilizada para satisfacer el hambre del mercado del arte…Jorge Sanguino…read more

Hortus Americanus with a filmmaker

We have invited the Brazilian artist Barbara Marcel for our series of talks on Latin American Art in Germany. Today’s conversation will be about the Amazons, its complexity and the environmental challenges facing the future. Barbara will screen Ciné-Cipó / Cine Liana at ATTO Tower (2020).

Join us for the conversation today 01.07.2022 at 8:00 pm

Gerresheimer Str. 33, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany