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A proposal for Vito Planeta. Mauricio Limon. A set of non Verbal Fantasies. 2018 Baked Clay Handmade in Oaxaca / Dimensions Variable. Exhibited in Amsterdam and Duesseldorf / Produced during the residency at Casa Wabi This are handmade clay bricks produced in Oaxaca during Mauricio Residence at Casa Wabi (one of the coolest artist residencies […]

Karen P. Biswell in Horizons. Singapore Art Week

“Awakening the Senses in Latin America” is a conversation with Sofia Clausse (Sight), Karen Paulina Biswell (Sound), Clemencia Labin (Smell) and Momo Magallón (Taste). Following this introduction, each artist will share her respective “awakening”. Curated by Elena Saraceni. Horizons is part of the Singapore Art Week, SG Culture Anywhere and the National Arts Council Singapore. […]

Nika Fontaine at Mauer. Curated by Linda Peitz

Mauer is pleased to announce a new exhibition. It negotiates Psychological mechanisms of certain belief systems as well as different forms of patriarchal power relations and structures. Curated by Linda Peitz, founder of CCCCCOMA e.V.Web: with:Megan dominescu, Lea Draeger, Nika Fontaine, Aviva Silverman & Young-jun Tak. MAUER_Show_ENGL january 15 – february 20, 2022 Opening: January […]