Welcome to our Award winner installation for the Strike a Pose Festival. An initiative for mode design and art in North Rhine Westphalia and the City of Düsseldorf. Our commitment with environment and gender equality has echo in Angelika Kammanns designs and it is in Karen’s artistic practice. Transparency and femininity, the life of the plants are the elements with which we create this world where we want to reflect ourselves, and we invite you to join us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to acquire one of this incredible sculptural works, as Karen’s works or the T-Shirts.



wildpalms granted Strike a Pose Award. Art Nexus
Festival Strike A Pose in Düsseldorf: Monopol Magazin für Kunst & Leben
wilkommen in Utopia. Urbanana
Kooperativ abheben auf der Piazza
wildpalms gewinnt den Strike A Pose Award Fash

Karen Paulina Biswell. Angie from the series Ellas. women with flowers in her intimate parts. Female photographers
Karen Paulina Biswell. Angie. From the series Ellas. C-Print Analog 2018. Courtesy the artist & wildpalms
Societe Angelique collaboration with Karen Paulina Biswell

June 24th to July 1st.

strike a pose festival award winner
Strike a Pose award installation, view with Karen Paulina Biswell and Societe Angelique sustainable fashion
Exhibition view.
Karen Paulina Biswell Societe Angelique Strike a pose exhibition
Strike a Pose exhibition view. Société Angelique and Karen Paulina Biswell “Maria Jose” from the series “Ellas”
Societe Angelique Karen Paulina Biswell installation strike a pose. Skirt transparent
Alex Meffert Karen Paulina Biswell Societe Angelique
Alex Meffert wearing Karen P Biswell / Société Angelique TShirt.
Ellas Karen Paulina Biswell wildpalms
Karen Paulina Biswell. From the series Ellas. C-Print Analog 2018. Courtesy the artist & wildpalm