A group show for DC OPEN 2023

with works by:

Andreas Steinbrecher

Nika Fontaine
Felipe Castelblanco
Morgan Mandalay
Zoe Miller
Marco Montiel-Soto
Roberto Uribe
Julia Vergazova & Nikolay Ulyanov

Exhibition: Sep. 1st – Nov. 12th 2023

Sep. 1, 6-9pm
Sep. 2, 1-7pm
Sep. 3, 1-5pm

Morgan Mandalay Nika Fontaine Andreas Steinbrecher exhibition view on animals
Morgan Mandalay and Zoe Miller

A lioness is on the loose in Berlin, and the city comes to a standstill. Helicopters search for the dangerous lioness. In the end, the lioness is actually a wild pig. Misreading of the images. Fascination for the animals, and at the same time distance.

Roberto Uribe Castro wildpalms
Roberto Uribe Castro. “Between Heaven & Earth”. Artist book and Installation. 5 sqm. 2022
Roberto Uribe Castro from Heaven to Earth

When instagram’s algorithm doesn’t know what to give the consumer, the feed fills up with cat videos. Cats were already superstars in ancient Egypt and on YouTube. Along with cats, there are dogs. As an ornament, as a family member, or as a worker.

Andreas Steinbrecher
Andreas Steinbrecher. Versammlung der Kreaturen (bei Nacht), Oil and acrylic on cotton canvas.136,5cm x 100cm x 4cm. 2023
Andreas Steinbrecher Regress Bar with octopuss tshirts and NFT

The Aztecs used them as a blanket on cold nights… dogs, with so many other functions in history… dolphins are called the dogs of the ocean. Because of their personality, intelligence, and philanthropy. Pilot whales are actually giant dolphins, migrating around the Atlantic in search of their existence. They migrate like people migrate…the whales go down to a depth of 600 m to hunt squids.

Marco Montiel Soto the sunken Lighthouse poster
Marco Montiel-Soto. The sunken lighthouse. Sound Composition. Vinyl. 40 min. 2021. Ed. 250 in colab. w/Misael Morales Vargas

Cephalopods are the most intelligent invertebrates. They are social beings, which even, if they are alone, form shoals with fish. After knowing this, we never ate pasta with Nero again.

Julia Vergazova NFT
Julia Vergazova & Nikolay Ulyanov. Octo=swamp is magic. NFT
Neural Networking digital Video + 3 d print Frame
Nika Fontaine and regress bar T shirts and NFT in exhibition view at wildpalms

“On animals” part 1. An exhibition about animals. Animals in art, specific bodies of representation of our emotions, at the same time fields of political reflection, of our negotiations with the non-human, and of the images produced at the limits of our physical vision, which does not allow us to see the phantasmagorias of insects, as well as the limits of our knowledge of the world.

Felipe Castelblanco on animals
Felipe Castelblanco. Vibrant Forest. Bomber Jacket. Cotton. 2023
Felipe Castelblanco Jackets