Born 1985 in Montreal (CAN). Lives and works between Berlin and Spain. Nika Fontaine studied at Concordia University in Canada, and she is Meisterschülerin Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She is being Honorable mention Royal Bank of Canada Painting competition 2016 & First Prize Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle 2014. Next to her artistic practice, Nika Fontaine is the cofounder and soul of Aurigin, an international space for art creation and research on spiritual art practices, such as Tarot, Alchemie, Kabbalah


Born in Montreal. Works between Berlin and Valencia.
Education 2013 Meisterschüler bei Werner Liebmann, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, Berlin. 2008-2012 Diplom Malerei, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, Berlin. 2006-2008 Painting and drawing, Concordia University, Montreal. 2003 Hair styling, Gandini Academie, Montreal 2001 Fashion design, Cégep Marie-Victorin, Montreal
Collections Royal Bank of Canada Deutsche Bank Sammlung Ulrich Koestlin Multiple private collections in Germany and North America
Grants and Prizes 2019 EKCW Sunday morning grant and residency, EKCW European Ceramic Workcenter, Oisterwijk, NL 2016 RBC Canadian Painting Competition 2014 Elsa Neumann Stipendium 2013 Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle 2008 DAAD, undergraduate bursary 2007 Millenium bursary Canadian government 2007 Member of Golden Key International Honor society
Selected Solo exhibitions 2021 Calcination, wildpalms. Düsseldorf

2021 The seven Wheels, Toronto 2021 (upcoming) Correspondence, Galerie D’este, Montreal
2020 False Evidence Appearing Real, Robert Grunenberg, Berlin
2019 Quantum Garden of the Supernal Unity, wildpalms, Düsseldorf
2017 Incognito, wildpalms, Düsseldorf
2016 Heimat, Joyce Yahouda gallery, Montreal
2016 Transcendental state of grace, wildpalms, Düsseldorf
2015 Nika Fontaine, Kohi Kultur Raum, Karlsruhe
2014 Götter Glamor, Somos Art house, Berlin
2014 Fragile, After:six gallery, Moscow
2014 Fragile Preview, T-10, Berlin
2014 Pimp my ride to heaven, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin 2014 Comme un Flash, Le Livart, Montreal 2012 Mein Gott es glitzert, Expo, Berlin
2011 Le groupe des 12, succession de Jean-Paul Jérôme, Montreal 2010 Kosmikorganismus, Galerie 0, Berlin 2008 Nicolas Fontaine, Bureau de Post, Montreal 2007 MDM, Fund raising exhibition for Médecins du monde, Montreal 2004 Nicolas Fontaine, Georges Laoun, Montreal 2004 Nicolas Fontaine, Atom Heart, Montreal
Selected group exhibitions
2023 On Animals. wildpalms. DC Open.
2022 4th AmtSalon. Ebensperger. Berlin
2021 Magical Operations, wildpalms, Düsseldorf
2021 Goodbye World. Curated by Andreas Templin & Raimer Stange. Apexart 2020 Reshuffle the Cards, ACCCE, Berlin 2019 winter group show, Galerie D’Este, Montreal, CAN 2018 31 women painter, curated by Harold Klunder, McClure Gallery, Montreal 2018 Grâce au dessin,curated by Jason Mckechnie, Woodbury University gallery, Los Angeles 2018 Grâce au dessin, curated by Jason Mckechnie, Art mûr, Montreal 2017 Untitled Art Fair Miami 2017 La Hot collection du prof Tremblay, curated by Serge Murphy, Musée d’art contemporain de Baie Saint-Paul, CAN 2017 Canadian art Gala, Toronto 2017 Corridor III: Valdemar Daa, curated by insitu Berlin, Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg 2017 Cmagazine anual auction, Toronto 2017 Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank Friedrichstrasse, Berlin 2017 Can’t touch this, Katharine Mulherin Gallery, New York 2016 Kitschypedia, Berlin 2016 RBC painting competition, Power Plant, Toronto 2016 Trans Time, confluences, Paris 2016 Wildpalms goes Miami, wildpalms, Düsseldorf 2016 Trans Pashion, Valencia Festival, Valencia 2016 Marmaly Project, Berlin 2015 Ahoy!, wildpalms, Berlin 2015 Presenting Wildpalms, wildpalms, Düsseldorf 2015 Berlin Bozen Connection, Studio Chrome 35, Bozen 2015 Private fair, Somos Art house, Praha 2014 FATAL, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2014 Nicht da/da, Moë, Vienna 2013 Sezzession, SEZ, Berlin (catalogue) 2013 Familienaufstellung, Uferhallen, Berlin 2013 Über der geistige in der Kunst, Posseidon Projekt, Berlin 2013 Comes in 6 Colors, Secondhome Projects , Berlin 2013 MachtKunst Teil 2, AlteMünze, Berlin 2013 Urbanfuse, Getrud-Kolmar-Strasse 14, Berlin (catalogue) 2013 (duo) Aquanet, Rotes Rathaus, Berlin 2012 Ballungsraum, Kosmetiksalon Babette, Berlin 2012 Freitag der 13, Oranienplatz 17, Berlin (catalogue) 2012 Show of the week, Freie Museum, Berlin, DE 2012 La collection branchée de Mr. Tremblay, Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montreal 2011 Tarot, Blissland, Berlin (catalogue) 2010 Everybody learns from disaster, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin 2010 (duo) Xi Xie Nung Phönix Kälte, 56 Judith Auerstrasse, Berlin (catalogue) 2010 Enchanté, Econo museum, Montreal (catalogue) 2010 Accrochage, Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin 2009 Residenz Berlin, Galerie Bongoût, Berlin 2009 Let’s go est, Galerie E-105, Bonn (catalogue) 2009 Sublime Démesure, Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides, Saint-Jérôme, CA 2008 Sublime Démesure, Centre national d’exposition, Jonquière, CA 2007 (duo), Municipal Galerie Brossard, Brossard, CA
Other activities: 2020 Discussion ‘Variety in artistic and performative practices. Borders and overcoming them’, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, RU


2021 Zum Dahinschmelzen. Andreas Schlaegel, taz
2021 Art That Goes With the Floe. Louis Bury, Hyperallergic 2021 Das letzte Picknick. Birgit Rieger, Der Tagesspiegel 2021 Goodbye, World. Ania Szremski, 4Columns 2021 Eisbär’n müssen doch weinen. Werner Remm, artmagazine
2020 10 Artists to watch. Numero Berlin, Issue 9 –
Artmaze Mag Ed. 18 Summer Issue
2019 Der Garten der Wünsche aus Glitzerteinen. Helga Meister, 2 März. WZ
2017 What about Taste. Thorsten Schneider. Widewalls Magazine 2014 „Die Farben waren mir nie stark genug“ Art Mag. Deutsche Bank
2013 Sezzession, SEZ, Berlin (catalogue) 2013 Urbanfuse, getrud-Kolmar-Strasse 14, Berlin (catalogue)
2012 Freitag der 13, Oranienplatz 17, Berlin (catalogue)
2011 Tarot, Blissland, Berlin (catalogue)
2010 (duo) Xi Xie Nung Phönix Kälte, 56 Judith Auerstrasse, Berlin (catalogue) 2010 Enchanté, Econo museum, Montreal (catalogue) 2009 Let’s go est, Galerie E-105, Bonn (catalogue)



Nika Fontaine at her studio wildpalms
Nika Fontaine at her Studio. All rights Reserverd wildpalms and the artist
selection of works 

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detail of glitter surface

Varkizza Nika Fontaine by wildpalms
Varkiza. 170x170cm. Glitter on burlap. 2015
Vitriol Nika Fontaine by wildpalms
Vitriol. Glitter on canvas. 195x195cm. 2014
Pheonix painting Nika Fontaine by wildpalms
Reflection of the Adversary. 100x80cm. Pigment, rabbit skin glue and oil on canvas. 2020
exhibition views (selection)
Nika Fontaine exhibition's view of  calcination in wildpalms
exhibtion view of “Calcination” at wildpalms for DC Open 2021
Nika Fontaine exhibition calcination dc open düsseldorf wildpalms gallery
exhibtion view of “Calcination” at wildpalms for DC Open 2021
Nika Fontaine enviromental art with Apexart in Sweden. Bread
Goodbye, World, curated by Andreas Templin and Raimar Stange, apexart international exhibition located in Swedish Lapland. 2021
Exhibition view Nika Fontaine wilpalms
Quantum Garden of the Supernal Unity, wildpalms 2019
Exhibition view Nika Fontaine wilpalms
Quantum Garden of the Supernal Unity, wildpalms 2019
Exhibition view Nika Fontaine wilpalms
Incognito, wildpalms, 2017
Exhibition view Nika Fontaine wilpalms
Incognito, wildpalms, 2017
Exhibition view Nika Fontaine wilpalms
Transcendental State of Grace, wildpalms, 2016
Nika Fontaine Glitter paintings in Canada
Heimat. Joyce Jabuda Gallery. Montreal 2015