Latin American Art in Germany

wildpalms exhibits Latin American Art, as well as Canadian and US artists in Germany.

Created by Jorge Sanguino & Alexandra Meffert, wildpalms has a focus on artistic research, social practices, the environment, and sustainability.

Our exhibitions are based on a solid curatorial process, compiled by text production and engagement with critical discourses, amplifying the voices of art professionals working in specific regions in North, Central, and South America.

We aim to transform cultural practices, current narratives, and thought patterns.

wildpalms work is been definitive in the introduction of Latin American contemporary artists in Germany: has successfully introduced positions such as Karen Paulina Biswell, Felipe Castelblanco, Mauricio Limon to institutional circles and collectors in the country.

The name wildpalms derived from the book The Wild Palms (1939 by William Faulkner.

Further, wildpalms store and Alexandra’s light space movement a research and holistic approach to mindfulness and natural movement, exploring the intersection of a movement and wellbeing practice and art, joined the wonderful universe of wildpalms.

Jorge Sanguino, an expert in photography and Latin American Art compiles his essays in Art of the Americas targeted towards the production of text, podcasts, and articles, published in different media such as artishock, esfera publica.


A place to learn about the future of the arts / Latin America.

Latin American Art wildpalms gallery düsseldorf entrance
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Furthermore, our curatorial projects are designed to happen in different spaces, cities, countries, or continents. Meanwhile, the fair participations give us the opportunity not only for internationalization but also to play with different formats of the exhibition.
by meffert and sanguino


Gerresheimer strasse 33 / 40211/ Düsseldorf


Hours: Thu. 1-6pm, Fri. 1-6pm, Sat. & Sun. 1-5pm and by appointment.

Wildpalms Latinamerican Art in Germany
Experte für Latinamerikanische Kunst in Deutschland