Rupture reflection. Oil on canvas. 30x41cm. 2022. Morgan Mandalay.

Morgan Mandalay (USA)
March 7 – May 1st 2022

Volcanoes are a special subject within art history. They are the most strenuous and fascinating motives of plein air painting. Volcanoes reflect emotional states, as much earthly magmatic states. They are beauty and destruction, as well dormant vigilant of many cities in the world, such as Mexico City, Naples, Catania, Auckland, Goma.

Morgan Mandalay’s latest volcanoes series, returns to the quest of a painterly motive of the volcano, turned into a surrealistic painting around landscape and the human emotions. He was inspired by large sessions of plein air painting in California, a place home to many natural forces, among them 20 known volcanoes. Volcanoes are presented at the moment of the explosion, with its electromagnetic charged field. Viewed from the distance, flowers, lemons and birds are the antagonist of the destructive force of nature. Fragility and the ever recurring life meets the magmatic explosion.


*Long Beach, CA, USA


2018 Fellow, Shandaken Project’s Paint School, New York, New York
2017 MFA, University of California San Diego, San Diego, California
2014  BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Selected Solo & Duo Exhibitions 

2022 Eruption At Its Peak, wildpams Düsseldorf
2020 FAIR (NADA), with Christine Frerichs, Klowden Mann, Online
2020 On Colonus, Extase, Chicago, Illinois
2019 Dog and Pony, with Chloe Seibert, No Place Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2019 The Sun Hung Low or A Question Loomed, Everybody, Chicago,  Illinois
2019 Bad Sin Frutas, Klowden Mann, Culver City, California
2018 Thank Your Squash Banana. I’m Not an Ape, You Are!, BWSMX, Mexico City, Mexico
2018 Holy, Holy, Holy, Cat Box Contemporary, Queens, New York
2018 Topography of a Terrestrial Paradise, Et Al Gallery, San Francisco, California
2017 DAMA, with Kim-Anh Schreiber, BWSMX, Turin, Italy
2017 Norman Amygdala, City Limits, Oakland, California

Select Group Exhibitions

2020 El busca, encuentra…y sigue encontrando, curated by Danny Baez, 2020 White Columns, New York, New York, USA
2019 Untitled Art Fair, Klowden Mann, Miami, Florida
2019 Collection No. 10, Interior and the Collector, Lyon, France
2019 Only Human, H.G. Inn, Chicago, Illinois
2019 Commutiny, Sibling, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2019 Tetsuo, curated by American Fantasy Classics, Bahamas Biennale, Detroit, Michigan
2018 El terror en lo profundo, curated by Deslave, Human Resources, Los Angeles, California
2018 freshly cut and softly bound, curated by Lisa Kehler and Timo Fahler, Vacation, New York, New York
2018 Paint School, Flag Art Foundation, New York, New York
2018 Gnaw the Bone That Falls to Thy Lot, curated by Sophie Jennis Kimberly Klark, Queens, New York
2018 Annex, curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan, M+B, Los Angeles, California
2017 Necronomicon Uploaded, Deslave, Tijuana, Mexico
2017 All the Small Things, Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2017 A Step Away, curated by Anthony Graham and Lara Bullock, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego California
2017 Domestic Tranquility, 0-0, Los Angeles, California
2017 AnthroMorphoCene, curated by Lee M. Lavy, Bread and Salt, San Diego, California
2016 Float in a Dark Tank, Yautepec, Mexico City, Mexico
2016 How High?, Left Field, San Luis Obispo, California
2016 Le Domaine Enchanté, curated by Domenico di Chirico, Galleria Acappella, Naples, Italy
2016 Sugar Talk, LVL3, Chicago, Illinois

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Morgan Mandalay volcano and lighting
Near Hit (There but by the grace of God). Oil on canvas. 117x137cm. 2021. Morgan Mandalay
Morgan Mandalay volcano and lighting and hand front window
Morgan Mandalay rain and flower, volcano and lighting
Speeds of Change. 76×56 cm. 2021. Morgan Mandalay
Morgan Mandalay still life with light
Still Life Replenishment. 71×117 cm. 2021. Morgan Mandalay
Morgan Mandalay wildpalms
Split Second. 71×117 cm. 2021. Morgan Mandalay
Morgan Mandalay tree and skies
Bird Born of Paradise. 71×117 cm. 2021. Morgan Mandalay
Morgan Mandalay a volcano painting in the japan style
Cracked Under Pressure. Oil on canvas. 117x137cm. 2021. Morgan Mandalay