Elektra KB wildpalms
Donde Están? 2022. Elektra KB

Patricia Dominguez (Chile)
Elektra KB (Ukraine/Colombia)
Rachel Libeskind (DE/USA/IT)

Strike. Strike. Strike | Streik. Streik. Streik

Nature is striking. There is no rain falling from the skies, or if it rains, it is falling to flood entire cities. People are striking.

Nature is protesting. So are people. 
European summer of discontent. In some parts of the world discontent is larger than a summer. But for some it is about decades of discontent.
Discontent produces materials: Images. History is a construction of images settled down in a new narrative. The endeavour is to confront images with(in) a new physical material (latex, silicone, fiberglass netting, different type of PVC, ripstock, felt, cotton) and stripped down from content until the nakedness of the stretch bar to pose a question. What is the value of the “grid” nowdays? And the singular male artistic canon?
Images confront to produce legitimate claims: ¿dónde están? Where are they? (The missing after police violence). Justice claims while recapturing the handmade long work around textile.

Opening Sep. 2nd 2022 / Officially part of DC Open

“Best of DC Open” in

Rachel Libeskind’s show at Sign and Symbols review at collector daily and musée vanguard for photography



Rachel Libeskind Strike exhibition in wildpalms
installation view with works by Rachel Libeskind
Elektra KB video and works exhibition view at wildpalms
installation view with works by Rachel Libeskind
Rachel Libeskind and Elektra KB exhibition view at wildpalms
installation view with works by Rachel Libeskind
Rachel Libeskind exhibition view at wildpalms
installation view with works by Rachel Libeskind
Rachel Libeskind Elektra kb exhibition view wildpalms
installation view with works by Rachel Libeskind
Rachel Libeskind exhibition view wildpalms
installation view with works by Rachel Libeskind
installation view with works by Rachel Libeskind
Still of: Madre Drone. 2019-20. Patricia Dominguez.

Patricia Dominguez is is an artist, educator and earth defender based in Puchuncaví, Chile. She is the founder of Studio Vegetalista, an experimental platform for ethnobotanical research based in Chile.Bringing together experimental research on ethnobotany, healing practices and the corporatization of wellbeing, her practice focuses on challenging the increasingly globalized corporate cosmologies that are emerging, by tracing the precarious relationships between species that are contextualized the current digitization of the living. Her installations take the form sculptures, videos and publications which are designed to exorcise the effects of late capitalism and ecological destruction in the physical and social body, while exploring the emancipatory potential of artistic imagination as a form of psychic emancipation and as a path of healing our colonial trauma. 



Santiago Chile, 1984 Lives and works in Puchuncaví, Chile. Directora de Studio Vegetalista.


2016-2022 Energy Reading, Frecuencia Licán CL

2013 MFA in Combined Media, Hunter College, New York US

2011 Botanical and Natural Science illustration Certificate, New York Botanical Garden, New York US

2007 BFA, Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago CL.


2022 SCREEN SERIES, curated by Madeline Weisburg, New Museum NY

2021 GREEN IRISES, curated by Lucia Aspeci, WAMx, Finland

2020 MADRE DRONE, curated by Rafa Barber, CentroCentro, Madrid SP

2020 COSMIC TEARS, curated by Owen Duffy, Yeh Art Gallery, New York US

2019 GREEN IRISES, curated by Sabel Gavaldon, Gasworks, London UK

2018 LLANTO CÓSMICO, curated by Violeta Janeiro, Twin Gallery, Madrid SP

2017 SONÉ@CERAMICAS, Sala CCU, Santiago CL

2016 LOS OJOS SERÁN LO ÚLTIMO EN PIXELARSE, Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago CL

2016 ERES UN PRINCESO, Pizzuti Museum, Ohio US

2016 SOLO PROJECT: Focus Latinoamérica, ARCO Madrid SP


2022 SCREEN CITY BIENNIAL, Oslo, (Upcoming)

2022 MATTER OF ART, Prague Biennale, Prague CR (Upcoming)

2022 CORNELL BIENNIAL, US (Upcoming)


2021 GWANGJU BIENNALE, curated by Defne Ayas and Natasha Ginwala, Gwangju SK

2021 DRAWING ROOM, London EN

2019 MOMENTA BIENNIAL, curated by Maria Willis, Montreal CA

2019 FOTONOVIEMBRE, curated by Mette Kjaergaard, Tenerife, SP


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2021 Broken Archive series, HKW, DE

2021 Backroom, curated by Jaime Ruiz, Museo Tamayo MX

2021 New Mystics, curated by Alice Bucknell

2021 Life Futures, curated by Carolina Rito, Warwick University, EN

2021 Archivo Invisible, Felipa Manuela, SP

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2020 INFRASONICA, Curated by Pablo José Ramirez

2020 Contribution to NMENOS1, curated by Juan Covelli, Bogotá, CB


2022 ROOTED BEINGS, Wellcome Collection, London UK

2022 DO NOTHING, FEEL EVERYTHING, Kunsthalle Wien DE and Kunsthalle Bratislava

2022 LANDSCAPES OF LABOUR, KAU 19, Dusseldorf


2021 UN ENCUENTRO VEGETAL, curated by Bárbara Rodríguez, Casa Encendida, Madrid SP

2021 TRANSMEDIALE, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Curated by Lorena Juan, Berlin DE

2021 EMAF European Media Arts Festival DE

2021 GETTING WET, Kunsthalle Wien DE 2021 PRECOG, Nars, Brooklyn, NY

2021 FLOATING I, In plano, Paris FR

2021 UNDER THE WAQWAQ TREE, Slash Art, San Francisco US

2021 GEOGRAFÍAS DESCONOCIDAS, Centro Cultural España, Santiago CL

2021 SEVERING THE IMPACT OF MEMORY, Curated by Victoria Carrasco, PHI Foundation, Montreal, CA


2021 SUBVERSIVE WOMEN IN NEW MEDIA, Generation Equality Forum UN Women, MX and France


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Windows: spiders in the window. 2022. Rachel Libeskind.

Rachel Libeskind is a multidisciplinary artist whose research-based practice examines the construction of history and the enduring power of images. Working across collage, installation, video and performance, Libeskind appropriates and recontextualizes images in order to disrupt imposed boundaries — between the personal and public, ancient and contemporary, societal and cultural — and reveal unexpected parallels. She holds a B.A. with honors from Harvard University. Born in Milan and raised in Berlin, Libeskind is now based between New York and Germany.


Born 1989 in Milan, Italy Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York & Berlin


2011, Harvard University, BA Honors


2024 Forthcoming solo exhibition, Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University, Alabama

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The Beginning Of The End Of War (WIP). 2022. Elektra KB

Elektra KB is a Latinx immigrant artist, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. They grew up in a rural hospital in Colombia with an army of nurses, doctors, and cooks –as a result of a cold war era Soviet-Colombian union.
Their work engages corporeal sickness and disability, with utopian possibilities and alternative universes. KB investigates gender, migration, transculturality, and abuse of power. Their work entangles mutual aid, political action, and communication, often with a documentarian-sci-fi-like hybrid approach, exploring utopia and dystopia in juxtaposition with a parallel universe. They work across: textiles, photography, video, installation, and performance. Building spaces engaging with concepts such as: learning or healing, through the reinterpretation of quotidian objects and symbols, such as the: Immigration Checkpoint, Freedom School or Hospital Room.


2016 Master of Fine Arts, Hunter College, New York, NY
2014 – 2015

Universität der Künste Berlin Fellowship (prof. Hito Steyerl), Berlin, Germany

2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts, SVA – School of Visual Arts, Visual and Critical Studies with Honors. New York, NY
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2018-2086. Act. 34’, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw Poland

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2016 C12 Emerging Artist Award, Special Recognition, New York, NY

2014 – 2015 DAAD fellowship, Berlin, Germany
Hunter College fellowship, New York, NY

2012 SVA Alumni Society Award, New York, NY

2008 – 2012 Chairman’s Merit Award, School Of Visual Arts, New York, NY
Visual and Critical Studies Merit Award, School Of Visual Arts, New York, NY



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