Mario_Asef_the_lenguage_of_Things Mario Asef in Anima Mundi #3 - Mario Asef participates in Anima Mundi #3 in Bartosz Nowak (Municipal Art Center). Poland
Report on Latin American Art -, french leading auction data and pricing company in the art market, has just released a report on Latin American Art.
Mauricio Limon in Museo Cabañas - Mauricio Limon Institutional exhibtion in Museo Cabanas Guadalajara. Opening 21.10.23
Monumentos Migrantes. A review - Rückblick auf die Workshops mit Roberto Uribe und Shinpei Takeda zur Beantwortung der Frage nach Denkmälern in Zeiten der Migration
Felipe Castelblanco Felipe Castelblanco in Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein - Felipe Castelblanco is included in Parlament der Pflanzen II 5.5. – 22.10.2023
Elektra KB Elektra KB in Budapest Gallery - Elektra KB part of the group exhibition ‘On Violence’ at Budapest Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. Opening 11.05.23
Elektra KB museo Madre Napoli Elektra KB in Museo Madre - Elektra KB part of the group exhibition ‘Think Tank: REPRODUCTIVE AGENTS’ in Museo Madre, Curated by Florencia Cherñajovsky, Napoli, Italy.
Marina Sammeck Rhineart Review by Marina Sammeck - Marina Sammeck, amazing article about our exhibition "The Change in Patterns" in Rhineart .
Felipe Castelblanco in Videonale 19 Felipe Castelblanco in Videonale 19. - This edition of the Videonale 19 will present the two-channel video AYÊNÁN: TERRITORIOS DE AGUA by Felipe Castelblanco and Lydia Zimmermann
Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas - Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas will be presented in Paris at the space Intervale. Opening March 8th