SModa el Pais. Derechos Registrados a El Pais. Depicting participation of wildpalms in Arte Santander and with an image of Nika Fontaine wildpalms in SModa El Pais. - wilpalms depicted for its participation in Arte Santander in S Moda, from el Pais. Spain.
Exhibition Territorios de Agua with Felipe Castelblanco in institutional Museum. Art and ecologies, with waterfall Felipe Castelblanco Territorios de Agua. - Territorios de agua / Cartografías del invisible is an exhibition by artist and researcher Felipe Castelblanco, organized Idartes through its Art, Science and Banco de la República, between June 22 and July 20.
Mario Asef in “Shelter Bone” & “Kunstverein Neukölln” - Mario Asef & Kristin Burckhardt in SHELTER-BONE at HAUNT/Frontviews & in "The other animals" Kunstverein Neukölln with "Crossfades"
Podcast: Art of the Americas - Podcast: Art of the Americas launches a new series "En Todos Lados se cuecen Habas" with Roberto Uribe. A look from the Latin American artistic diaspora to current issues of arts and culture.
Mauricio Limon performance. Invitation to the Festival Mauricio Limon Performance - Mauricio Limon performance is part of festival ROOMS, in Rotterdam. 27 & 28 January 2024 01 – 06 PM Location: Marres, Maastricht
Mario_Asef_the_lenguage_of_Things Mario Asef in Anima Mundi #3 - Mario Asef participates in Anima Mundi #3 in Bartosz Nowak (Municipal Art Center). Poland
Report on Latin American Art -, french leading auction data and pricing company in the art market, has just released a report on Latin American Art.
Mauricio Limon Museo Cabañas Mauricio Limon in Museo Cabañas - Mauricio Limon Institutional exhibtion in Museo Cabanas Guadalajara. Opening 21.10.23
Monumentos Migrantes. A review - Rückblick auf die Workshops mit Roberto Uribe und Shinpei Takeda zur Beantwortung der Frage nach Denkmälern in Zeiten der Migration
Felipe Castelblanco Felipe Castelblanco in Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein - Felipe Castelblanco is included in Parlament der Pflanzen II 5.5. – 22.10.2023