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Lauriston Avery

Felipe Castelblanco & Nambi Rimai Comunicacion

Nika Fontaine

Shinpei Takeda

marco montiel soto view latinamerican art wildpalms indigenous spirituality
Tratado de maracas diablo del Yare, 2019.
Found object, Sound, Video. 3:33 min . Marco Montiel Soto.

Opening: June tba 2021

Show: June 2021

Place: OUTSIDE @ wildpalms

Spring cleaning. Inviting in new energies, the summer, the sun, the growing and blossoming plants. There are rituals in every culture, gods and goddesses, special animals and totems.
We are connecting our local traditions of celebrating the arrival of summer to get rid of the ghosts of winter, dark and negative energies and putting them into context with other international and indigenous rituals dealt with by artists in their works.

Opening June 2021 online and works will be viewable in the OUTSIDE, OPEN AIR SPACE of the gallery.


Born in Connecticut, where there is a long history of European pagan and Native American influences mixed with the mystecism of nature, Avery extensively researches with secular materials, such as soil, mirror, sticks, fur, and their applications have evolved into a depth of pictorial form that speaks with a uniquely sensual, rhythmic clarity.

The works imply a process of mapping, the cellular body, aerial views of forgotten cities or mysterious constellations subjected to a manic ordering of addition and subtraction.


The series Carayuru was shot using the discontinued FUJI INSTANT COLOR FILM FP-100C and Polaroid camera (turning them into collector`s items). The film produces photos of outstanding quality and was used for commercial purposes, including product photography.

Karen uses a mechanical camera and analog film, because it allows her to work in remotes areas, where electricity is scarcely, Therefore, she is not dependable of charging the battery or carrying a large set of chargers. Furthermore, humid climates have great impact on digital components, but for the mechanical ones, they enhance the photography producing fascinating light distortions.

Amazonie Palm tree Karen Paulina Biswell Polaroid wildpalms Colombia photography latinamerican female artist
Karen Paulina Biswell Carayuru Colombian Amazon Polaroid analog photography wildpalms
Amazonie, Carayuru. Unique. 8,5×10,8cm. 2018.
Instant Film Fuji FP 100C. Taken in the Colombian Amazon.

Nonetheless, the use of the instant film goes beyond the technical limitations imposed by the Amazonas. The immediacy of the photography allowed Karen to interact with a complex environment. Not only for its ecological richness, but also the social one, by adapting herself to the shamanic practices and preparing her for the rituals. Using a different medium, will demand more attention, breaking the balance between her as observer and actor in a magic world.

We hope that you enjoy this beautiful series of one the most recognized contemporary colombian artists. (link artsy)

Want to learn more about polaroid and artists. We recommend to read The Polaroid Project At the Intersection of Art and Technology . Editors: William A. Ewing & Barbara P. Hitchcock.

Nambi Rimai Comunicacion

Ñambi Rimai is an indigenous Media Collective operating in the Colombian Pan Amazon region, between the high Andes and the lower Amazon. This initiative emerged after a series of workshops and field work conducted by Felipe Castelblanco in 2018/2020 while working in close cooperation with the central government of the Inga Nation and Ambulante Colombia. The mission of the Media Collective is to support processes of self-governance, preservation of cultural, territorial control and communication all across the territories and beyond.

Felipe Castelblanco Nambi Collective video work wildpalms
Still of video work. 2020.


Nika Fontiane Incognito gitter painting wildpalms
Amen. 2017. Series Incognito.
Glitter, Burlap, mixed materials. 200 x 200cm

Artist statement:
The question behind the Incognito series is: Can an artwork become decorative or even
invisible when placed in the right context? The notion of decoration and ornamentation
interests me for its triviality and neglected importance. I personally love elaborate embellishment
in artworks and environment. The question is maybe more about which kind of
judgment do we pose on an object in regards of its surroundings.

Each painting depicts a very broad thematic adoring its clichés without implying any narration.
The upholstered velvet frames use the language of mobilier and stage curtains. As a
result, each large format works are exuberantly present and hard not to acknowledge in a
space. Therefore, the ironic title incognito strengthens my position on the “non-dit” high
art decorum and the preciousness of the galleries and museums.


Tratado de maracas diablo del Yare, 2019.

Found object, Sound, Video: 3:33min

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