On social media, Mexico art week appears to be one big party. Mexico is the place to be for the global art community during that week. In the weeks that follow, the party is seen in a different light.

Opera Magazin:
wildpalms interviewed by Lara Gaeta about our projects in Italy

On Animals. Exhibition curated by Alexandra Meffert and Jorge Sanguino. Mario Asef "Crossfades"


Monumento Migrante: workshops with Roberto Uribe & Shinpei Takeda

with the kindly support Kulturamt Düsseldorf

Invitation to upcoming exhibition with cats eyes, detail of a painting by Andreas Steinbrecher
Societe Angelique and Alexandra Meffert
“Manufacturing Anti-Monument”

curated by Antimonument e.v & Shinpei Takeda.

August 4th to August 27th.

Navid Razavi, Oscar Cueto, Manuela Picallo Gil, Alejandra Baltazar

Shinpei Takeda Anti Monument

Der Erste Der Lacht
El Primero Que Ria


opening May 7th 2023 12 pm until 5 pm

Mauricio Limon exhibition in Germany