Felipe Castelblanco @ Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Felipe Castelblanco is included in The exhibition Parliament of Plants II. This exhibition gives a voice to the plants. It bears witness to a new way of looking at these creatures, with which our very survival is intimately linked. The scientific approach to plants has recently undergone a paradigm shift. This is also reflected in the artistic contributions.

Felipe Castelblanco’s series “Behind the Night” was produced on the borders of the Tambopata National Reserve in Madre de Dios, Peru in September 2022.

Elektra KB @ Budapest Gallery

Elektra KB part of the group exhibition ‘On Violence’ at Budapest Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. Curated by Livia Padi with a body of work exhibited at wildpalms last year.

The international group exhibition at the Budapest Gallery presents experiences of violence, scripts of social behavior, and Elektra KB ‘s visual and political themes of violence from women’s and queer perspectives.
Works with a more abstract approach to the complex patterns of states and trap situations of abuse, fear-mongering and anxiety are juxtaposed with diary-like works recording visceral reactions to the situation in Ukraine and to pervasive violence.
Several artists deal with the enduring traumas of the region’s recent past, the Yugoslav wars.
The political-ideological manipulation of collective memory, ethnically based violence, and collective responsibility are examined in this investigative, partly archive-based research within wider contexts and relations. These include artistic representations of Polish, Irish and South American social movements and body politics activism that rewrite the strategies of solidarity and agency.

Opening: 11.05.2023, 18.00
Exhibition: 12.05–30.07.2023
Place:Budapest Gallery, Lajos utca 158, 1036 Budapest, Hungary

Artists: Kateryna Aliinyk, Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment – Mia Mullarkey, Rachel Fallon, Olia Fedorova, Jelena Jureša, Elektra KB, Hristina Ivanoska, Anikó Loránt (1977–2020), Milica Tomič, Dominika Trapp, Selma Selman, Anna Zvyagnisteva

Curator: Lívia Páldi

Source: budapestgaleria.hu

Review by Marina Sammeck

Marina Sammeck, amazing article about our exhibition in Rhineart In her text she manages to explain in a concise and elegant way the relevance of our exhibition, and the dialogue that the works establish, even including them in the research on (Neo) extraction by Dr. Hauke Ohls. This level of writing lays the foundation for discussions and learning about art and the environment.

“Consequently, the strength of The Change in Patterns is that the exhibition does not simply denounce grievances, but also demonstrates that art can be a powerful vehicle for action and change.”

Felipe Castelblanco Videonale 19.

This edition of the Videonale 19 will present the two-channel video AYÊNÁN: TERRITORIOS DE AGUA by Felipe Castelblanco and Lydia Zimmermann is part of Castelblanco’s practice-based artistic research Cartographies of the Unseen, which examines indigenous territorial ways of thinking and aesthetics in the Global South

Before its screening at Videonale 19, AYÊNÁN: TERRITORIOS DE AGUA by was presented with a talk in wildpalms in October 2021.

Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas

Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas.

Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas will be presented in Paris at the space Intervale. Opening March 8th. The show will exhibit the awarded works at “Strike a Pose” 2022, curated by Jorge Sanguino and Alexandra Meffert.

Karen Paulina Biswell Ellas Aurora Flowers

ELLAS is a research about the subject of femininity, looking into different aspects as desire, forbidden, nature and female sexuality.

“I am attracted to the willingness expressed by certain women in regards to their own bodies and their varied and complex natures. This mysteriousness is what I am interested in, their power and its manifestation.

Ellas sera présentée à Paris à l’espace Intervale. Ouverture le 8 mars. L’exposition présentera les œuvres primées lors de l’exposition “Strike a Pose” 2022, organisée par Jorge Sanguino et Alexandra Meffert.

ELLAS est une recherche sur le thème de la féminité, abordant différents aspects comme le désir, l’interdit, la nature et la sexualité féminine.

“Je suis attirée par la volonté exprimée par certaines femmes à l’égard de leur propre corps et de leurs natures variées et complexes. Ce mystère est ce qui m’intéresse, leur pouvoir et sa manifestation.

Karen Paulina Biswell “kima” in British Journal for Photographie

The last issue of British Journal of Photography, Time & Community features a special section on Latin American photographers: very the happy and proud, that “KIMA” by Karen Paulina Biswell, an exhibition produced for the biennial of photography in Düsseldorf this year is in this issue!!!

if you want to see Karen Paulina Biswell ‘s works, come over to our gallery or check at our online store wildpalms americana

Rachel Libeskind Review at Musée

“Libeskind is able to use the contrast and unpredictability that her artwork brings to create this exhibition. Her collection of work fits together beautifully and brings forth a sense of darkness in these seemingly regular aspects of daily life. Rachel Libeskind’s collection Windows highlights a polarity in the emptiness white spaces in these images create.” #kudos once more for Rachel Libeskind & Sign and Symbols a new review in MUSEE.
Rachel’s new body of works can be seen at our show STRIKE ! join us!! Alexandra Meffert