Elektra KB

Elektra KB in Budapest Gallery

Elektra KB part of the group exhibition ‘On Violence’ at Budapest Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. Curated by Livia Padi with a body of work exhibited at wildpalms last year.

The international group exhibition at the Budapest Gallery presents experiences of violence, scripts of social behavior, and Elektra KB ‘s visual and political themes of violence from women’s and queer perspectives.
Works with a more abstract approach to the complex patterns of states and trap situations of abuse, fear-mongering and anxiety are juxtaposed with diary-like works recording visceral reactions to the situation in Ukraine and to pervasive violence.
Several artists deal with the enduring traumas of the region’s recent past, the Yugoslav wars.
The political-ideological manipulation of collective memory, ethnically based violence, and collective responsibility are examined in this investigative, partly archive-based research within wider contexts and relations. These include artistic representations of Polish, Irish and South American social movements and body politics activism that rewrite the strategies of solidarity and agency.

Opening: 11.05.2023, 18.00
Exhibition: 12.05–30.07.2023
Place:Budapest Gallery, Lajos utca 158, 1036 Budapest, Hungary

Artists: Kateryna Aliinyk, Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment – Mia Mullarkey, Rachel Fallon, Olia Fedorova, Jelena Jureša, Elektra KB, Hristina Ivanoska, Anikó Loránt (1977–2020), Milica Tomič, Dominika Trapp, Selma Selman, Anna Zvyagnisteva

Curator: Lívia Páldi

Source: budapestgaleria.hu