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Rachel Libeskind. Review by New York Times

Rachel Libeskind’s participation at NADA House with sign and symbols was reviewed by Roberta Smith in her article On Governors “Island, Art Interventions Are Everywhere” May 6th. Among 66 participants, Smiths wrote: “It’s an airy walk-in collage, immersive and buoyant, like a Joan Miró painting reimagined by Hannah Hoch.” read the article here.

Felipe Castelblanco: Talk with Hernando Chindoy. Organized by Museo del Chopo

Felipe Castelblanco in conversation with Hernando Chindoy, a indigenous leader. Chindoy has shown bravery and high political values, by defending the Pueblos Inga against the drug dealers and against the corruption in the goverment. The talk is part of the series Charla Arte política y contracultura, organized by Museo del Chopo in Mexico. Curated by […]

Jorge Sanguino on NFTs & Ecology

Jorge Sanguino and Alexander Herrera review on the participation costs on the new market of NFT (non-fungible-tokens) published in artishock, an specialized art magazine in Chile, follow with an article about ecological costs.a The first article is being re-published at Esfera Publica, an critic blog in Colombia. Both articles, a deep analysis on NFTs are […]

Karen Paulina Biswell: Reviewed on TAZ

Karen Paulina Biswell and Aicanon participation at “Club Quarantina” on view at Grimm Musem in Berlin, curated by Gilles Neiens, was review by the german Newspaper TAZ. Written by Beate Scheder. The exhibition open Friday the 8th, and despite the Lockdown was fully visited on scheduled. To read the article on Karen Paulina Biswell online.

Mauricio Limon show in Madrid

Instituto Cultural de México in Spain presents Mauricio Limon. The mexican artists exhibits the “El primero que ría” The show is on view until 8th. This show product of the collaboration between the cultural institutes of Mexico in Paris, Madrid and Berlin. Instituto Cultural de Mexico en Espana Curated by Marcos Calderon, the show reviews […]

Mauricio Limon @ fondation Fiminco

From the 2nd April to the 10th of April Mauricio Limon will show the body of work. Developed during his residency at Fondation Fiminco in Romanville, North of Paris. Mauricio Limon latest woodcuts and masks are on display, along with his groundbreaking lithographic series: “se pagará a la vista del portador”.

NIKA FONTAINE in Tagesspiegel!

artcritic Birgit Rieger wrote a review on Nika Fontaine’s show “goodbye world” for the largest paper in Berlin. “Das letzte Picknick”Kunst und Klimakrise: Die Ausstellung „Goodbye, world“ findet auf einer Eisscholle in Schweden statt. Und geht unter, wenn es taut. Tagesspiegel feat. Nika Fontaine‘s skull installation made of sour-dough bread in “Goodbye, World!” with Apexart. […]


“Zum Dahinschmelzen” – a review by TAZ feat. Nika Fontaine Die Ausstellung „Goodbye, World“ von Andreas Templin und Raimar Stange bringt die Kunst ins ewige Eis. Dort geht sie dann zugrunde. Mehrere Künstler greifen in ihren Arbeiten Motive von Nahrungsmitteln auf: Nika Fontaine ließ einen kleinen Hügel aus mit Kohle geschwärztem Schnee errichten und darauf […]

NIKA FONTAINE review in 4 Columns!

An excellent review by Ania Szremski on the exhibition and Nika Fontaine work at 4 columns: “Goodbye, World”. On thinning ice: an environmental anti-memorial in Sweden . 4 Columns feat Nika Fontaine The story of creating this exhibition and the resulting images of this magnificent frozen world, the spine-tingling sublimity of its vast bleached expanse, […]