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Lygia Pape in Düsseldorf

Lygia Pape in Düsseldorf: zur Feier, dass Lateinamerikanische KünstlerInnen mit der Ausstellung im K20, Lygia Pape, the skin of all, in Deutschland gezeigt werden, haben wir mit unserem Partner in Brazilien, Illian Karpio, eine Auswahl von Arbeiten gemacht, die für den deutschen Kunstmarkt zugänglich sind.

Lauriston Avery Group Show Balance

Group show Lauriston Avery, Hannah Beerman, Carl D Alvia, Reid + Factor, Jennifer Sirey, Elena Sisto, Alex Yuzdon, Alexi Worth, Lumin Wakoa at Platform Project space. A exhibition space established by Elizabeth Hazan to showcase and support the work of fellow artists and develop curatorial projects. 20 Jay Street #319, Brooklyn, NY,  11201

Mario Asef in Topiate Berlin

Mario Asef, Kirstin Burckhardt, Stella Geppert, Marc Klee, Alice Dittmar concept and curation by the artists curatorial assistance byDimitra Charizani 11 Feb – 6 Mar 2022Thu – Sun 2 – 6 pm Frontviews at HAUNTKluckstraße 23 A / yardD – 10785 Berli

Jorge Sanguino in conversation with Esfera Publica

“Todos somos VIP” A conversation with Jaime Iregui. Questions and reflexions around the article. «El ‘formalismo’ de los niños ricos globales, los followers de la clase media y la extracción estética de los marginalizados. El nuevo régimen estético» published in Esfera Publica. To see the online talk. Click here.

Karen P. Biswell in Horizons. Singapore Art Week

“Awakening the Senses in Latin America” is a conversation with Sofia Clausse (Sight), Karen Paulina Biswell (Sound), Clemencia Labin (Smell) and Momo Magallón (Taste). Following this introduction, each artist will share her respective “awakening”. Curated by Elena Saraceni. Horizons is part of the Singapore Art Week, SG Culture Anywhere and the National Arts Council Singapore. […]

Alexandra Meffert: depicted in VOGUE IT.

Light Space Movement’s founder Alexandra Meffert is offering an exclusive yoga retreat at the incredible La Forasteria, in Menfi, Sicily. Alice Rosati wrote for Vogue Italy an detailed article about Alexandra’s practice, Strala, and the retreat at the Planeta’s luxury lodging and wineyard in Italy. If you want to book one of the few places […]

Nika Fontaine at Mauer. Curated by Linda Peitz

Mauer is pleased to announce a new exhibition. It negotiates Psychological mechanisms of certain belief systems as well as different forms of patriarchal power relations and structures. Curated by Linda Peitz, founder of CCCCCOMA e.V.Web: with:Megan dominescu, Lea Draeger, Nika Fontaine, Aviva Silverman & Young-jun Tak. MAUER_Show_ENGL january 15 – february 20, 2022 Opening: January […]

Club Quarantina- Carte Blanche: Gilles Neiens

Curated by Gilles Neiens, the exhibition Club Quarantina shows an exemplary cross-section of art and art experiments that were created around the first lockdown 2020. With a gap of more than one year, this exhibition explores the question of how Corona has influenced or even changed the selected artists and their art. Artists are. AICANON […]