Rachel Libeskind and her work. Large carpets


RACHEL LIBESKIND was announced in Artsy‘s

15 artists in NY summer group shows who deserve solo shows!

After Rachel‘s performance at Cuevas Tilleard Projects, Artsy listed her as one of the artist who deserved a solo Show in New York. In her performance she reenacts and reinterprets Leo Steinberg‘s lectures in front of reproductions of the masterpiece printed on tapestries at Walmart that depicted Christ‘s circumcision.
By rereading art history contextualized with iconographical religion, Rachel points out Christ’s Jewish beginnings within the tradition of catholical imaginary.

Across her multimedia practice, Libeskind excels at this sort of cheeky social criticism, drawing provocative lines between historical and contemporary pain points surrounding religion, identity, and gender.

– by Alexxa Gotthardt

read more: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-15-artists-in-ny-summer-group-shows-who-deserve-solo-shows

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