NIKA FONTAINE on view at the FASHION CLINIC in Düsseldorf!!

NIKA FONTAINE is currently showing at the Fashion Clinic in Düsseldorf.

The Wald bei Nacht series is a romantic expression and celebration of life.

The Northern nocturne forests stand opposite to the starry sky.

Both, the forest and the sky, contain an infinity of singularities that in its mass create a whole – which in our minds exists as a defined concept.

The glitter particles not only recreate the illusion of the stars, but they as well pixelate the image to a degree that ones eye looses any point of reference or spacial perspective. Instead, the picture reminds a divine matrix.

until November at Fashion Clinic

Grünstr. 5

40212 Düsseldorf

I walked in the forest last night.

Wanting to understand beauty

I walked in the forest last night.

It was everywhere

in the trees and between their branches

underneath the stones and beside the grass

across the sky and beyond the stars.

Everything was pure beauty

I want to know why.

I desperately wanted to get a closer look at my gaze from far away

and see what my eyes detect

so I broke my neck to fly above myself.

Hovering my dead body

I realize beauty lays in life

– by Nika Fontaine

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