Thought inspiring concepts of natural movement

During my natural movement – Tai Chi training the past week, I have been learning about various terms and concepts, such as natural movement, moving freely with ease and comfort; awareness – being sensitive and responding to the environment; being an originator, instead of copying – even if it means trying to copy who you were yesterday.

Concepts that have really been stirring things up inside of me. For a while now, Europe has been evolving into a very hostile and dangerous place – especially for women. We have gotten used to so many liberties that have been fundamental values for decades, such as women being equal, essential contributors and decision makers in society, wether it be the economy, politics or culture, etc. – Europe’s greatest achievement throughout history. Values that took a long time and many courages individuals to establish.

Following and applying the concepts I have been learning about, this will be my/our first post, aiming to start a conversation. It is important that we recognize our environment and the changes that have been happening, and not just look away or ignore them. If we don’t start opening our eyes, discard our guilt (especially we Germans) from what has happened in the past – and with this I don’t mean neglecting or denying it – we will loose the freedom and equality we have so successfully been able to root in our society and consciousness.

We need to allow our selves to appreciate our culture and the togetherness we have been flourishing and be proud of it.

For this it is essential to look at our current situation from an objective and kind place, so that we are able stand up for our rights and values and preserve them. This includes the right to perform critique without being reprimanded and bullied by our fellow citizens.


by Alex