Karen P Biswell Collection Museo del Banco la Republica wildpalms

Karen Paulina Biswell: “ires y venires”, colección Banco de la República.

Karen Paulina Biswell is part of Ires y Venires, at the largest collection in Colombia. From March 18.

Ires y venires: dialogues around the collection" originates from the exhibition "Campo through: Colombian art in the collections of the Banco de la República", a project curated by Estrella de Diego and presented in Madrid in 2017. With This first sample, in which the Spanish public were offered reading lines of Colombian artistic production through notions such as botany, travel or the city, began a dialogue between the Spanish curator and the curators of the Museum of Art of the Banco de la República, in which the gaze of the other, the divergence in one point of view or the difficulty of the dialogue, ended up questioning and enriching the certainties of each one. The three axes of the exhibition —Conquistas, Corographies and Thresholds— make up historical or symbolic references of the Colombian cultural imaginary, which they find in the curatorship of “Ires y venires: dialogues around the collection”, an extended meaning, overflowing with its context of initial understanding.