MARIO ASEF at Errant Sound Project Space!

This weekend:

IN THE SOUND FIELD – Perspectives on Field Recording III



Sound-Installation for six loudspeakers
Using field recordings from a wide range of sources, the Sozio-Phonon project combines specific acoustic events in a global relationship to one another. The installation unite a number of distant places in a single “here and now,” where the individual acoustic social particles can no longer be pinned down according to location.
A phonon is a quasiparticle used in theoretical solid-state physics to describe quantum mechanically the characteristics of acoustic vibrations in crystal. Phonons are delocalized, i.e. a phonon exists in the overall crystal lattice and keeps from being assigned to a specific location.
at Errant Sound, Kollwitzstr. 97, 10435 Berlin
Opening times: 18:00-21:00 opening night
15:00-20:00 exhibition