wildpalms is a platform and laboratory for young talented artists. We saw that many talented artists were making exhibitions, but they felt that the exhibition making was somehow disconnected from their life at the studio and struggle to make a living out of it.

wildpalms explores the relationship between the studio (art making) practice and exhibition practice. We work closely with the artist through intensive studio presence, revisiting exhibition models and creating new formats.

It primarily pursues a social cultural mission, but relies on commercial revenue to sustain operations. Therefore, we sell for example artworks during our exhibitions, because artists produce work and their labor should be rewarded. By supporting our artist we guarantee that our culture will be richer and sustainable. We want to offer a future for the young artist.

wildpalms exhibitions are open processes.
resonance and discussions echoed into the artists perception, ideas, practice. we encourage the artists to develop new strategies within their artistic practice.

follow closely;



by alexandra meffert and jorge sanguino




General contact: info@wild-palms.com

North America

Alexandra Meffert: meffert@wild-palms.com

63 N 3RD ST                                               

11249 New York, NY                                

No.: +1 646 549 4503


Alexandra Meffert: meffert@wildpalms.com

Jorge Sanguino: sanguino@wild-palms.com

Heinrich-Könn-Str. 79

40625 Düsseldorf, Germany                              

No.: +49 151 1175 0288

Latin America and Mexico

Jorge Sanguino: sanguino@wild-palms.com

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Bogota, Colombia