Jason Duval Interiors

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For DC OPEN 7.-9. SEPTEMBER 2018  


Jason Duval’s paintings explore the expressive potential of abstract form and pictorial space. Figural fragments and architectural remnants coalesce, collapse and manifest in a cubo-surrealist-inspired space. Painterly materiality and the suggestion of narrative time make tangible Duval’s conception of painting as an occasion for pleasurable or melancholic reflection.

Looking inward lately tends toward escapism, which shuns contemplation. Duval’s understanding and usage of interiority is provocatively unfashionable. His paintings, in their vulnerability and reticence, do not give away anything, do not aim to please, nor do they want to displease. They are sincere and searching, as a matter of fact.

Abstraction, reflection and interiority are the paramount themes in Duval’s recent works. Subtle arches and soft frames are backdrop to the painter’s forms, which vacillate from biomorphic to rectilinear and are highly suggestive. Compositions have an awkward grace that resists stasis.
Passages of painterly gesture and linear drawing intertwined, encourage the eye to travel in shallow modernist space as form and content unfold in time. Evident is a profound concern for meaning and space in abstraction.

Jason Duval Interiors


Show Interiors Jason Duval wildpalms Düsseldorf

Show Interiors Jason Duval wildpalms Düsseldorf

Show Interiors Jason Duval wildpalms Düsseldorf

Installation view images by Achim Kukulies.

Psyche before the Mirror (II). 2018. 122x102cm.


Night Dreamer. 2018. 170x158cm.


Das Motiv. 2018. 152x152cm.


Metropolitan Form. 2018. 122x102cm


Psyche Before The Mirror (I). 2018. 122x102cm


Interior Motif. 2018. 158x132cm


Hinterhaus Mit Geist. 2018. 170x158cm


Inner Necessity. 2018. 158x132cm


Spatial Invocation Of Memory. 2018. 158x132cm

Jason Duval exhibiton interiors by wildpalms Düsseldorf


This exhibition is part of the DC Open 2018 edition!