Wildpalms Untitled art fair

wildpalms in Miami Art Fair with Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Anibal Catalan, Jose Antonio Elguezabal,

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created a booth concept of artists from Mexico, who are living and working in a house called La Villa, a very

special place. It not only has an incredible energy, as talented artists are living and working there, but it is home for many

successful exhibitions, concerts and parties.

By taking the essence of La Villa, a space where art is being created, and bringing it to an art fair setting, wildpams tries to

introduce a new format for fairs. The booth shows a conceptual art work in form of an installation, created in collaboration of

the La Villa artists with the curatorial and organisational support of wildpalms.

Working with La Villa gives us the great opportunity to address core topics wildpalms is interested – La Villa being a place

where the artist practice and exhibition practice are tightly linked, as well as accommodating young artists who are very

talented, intelligent, have a great sense for aesthetics and deal with issues and topics that are contemporary and critical for

art, culture and society.

wildpalms Untitled Art Fair

Our proposal is to recreate La Villa at Untitled.

The works of the artists were having an exchange with normal daily life objects

(plants, old sofa, paintings, etc. which remind us of the daily life in the house).


wildpalms Untitled Art Fair Miami
wildpalms Untitled Art Fair Miami
wildpalms Untitled Art Fair Miami
wildpalms Untitled Art Fair Miami

Untitled wildpalms at Untitled Art Fair in Miami