BreadofShame sculpture Nika Fontaine wildpalms

Nika Fontaine: Apexart

Nika Fontaine participates at the beautiful exhibition. Goodbye, World curated by Andreas Templin and Raimar Stange made possible by Apexart.

The exhibition reflects on the destruction of the enviroment, the rising temperatures, and the ignorance of the art industry.

Her work, Bread of Shame comes from the Kabbalistic tradition which states that gifts which are neither earned nor further shared to the benefit of others results in the accumulation of bad karma or Tikkun. (statement by the artist). More information around this great exhibition at Goodbye world.

video from the internet site of Apexart. All right reserved

Participants are
Nadira Husain
Jonathan Monk
Olaf Nicolai
Peter Niemann
Eliana Otta
Martha Rosler
Stefanie von Schroeter
Veit Schütz
Joulia Strauss