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“Eisbär’n müssen doch weinen”, in ArtMagazin 17.02.21 Nein, es ist nichts mehr klar wie im Text zum Song „Eisbär“ der Schweizer Band Grauzone aus dem Jahr 1980. Schon damals gab es besorgte Stimmen, die vor einem globalen Temperaturanstieg und den damit verbundenen Problemen warnten. Jetzt, 40 Jahre später, sind die Auswirkungen eines ungezügelten Kapitalismus weltweit […]

NIKA FONTAINE in Hyperallergic!!!

Assistant Professor of English at Hostos Community College, CUNY. Louis Bury, has published a great Review “Art That Goes With the Floe” in Hyperallergic feat. Nika Fontaine Take, for example, Nika Fontaine’s Bread of Shame (2020), which embeds tragicomic looking skull sculptures, fabricated out of bread, in a charcoal-dusted snow mound. In video footage of […]

Nika Fontaine: Apexart

Nika Fontaine participates at the beautiful exhibition. Goodbye, World curated by Andreas Templin and Raimar Stange made possible by Apexart. The exhibition reflects on the destruction of the enviroment, the rising temperatures, and the ignorance of the art industry. Her work, Bread of Shame comes from the Kabbalistic tradition which states that gifts which are […]

Art of the Americas: podcast

a new chapter at Art of the Americas podcast, created by Jorge Sanguino. A conversation with Mario Asef about financial markets, reddit, gamestop and wall streets. Sanguino examines the relationship between financial market, neocapitalism and contemporary art. For listening the podcast.

Paul Hance: artists talk online

Paul Hance talk about his participation at Jeanne Tremsal’s show mon père, mes voisins, mes amis et leurs ami at the Haubrock Fahrbereitschaft. The beautiful talk can be seen on the wonderful or at this great web site from Jeanne Participants were Lisa Seebach, Björn Dahlem, Isa Melsheimer, Benoit Tremsal, Aylen Langreuter, Angela […]